Canada has made changes to its working holiday visa scheme

December 08, 2015
For those who are looking to visit Canada next year on a working holiday visa. Canada has changed the system of application for its International Experience Canada (IEC) program.  And the application system is now open for submissions from the citizens of Ireland for the year 2016.

Canada made changes to its working holiday visa scheme

The latest process shall avoid the yearly crush for the visas among the applicants from Ireland. Under the previous old system, the total quota of visas for citizens of Ireland was released in one or two rounds every year on the basis of first come first serve. The quotas use to fill in minutes at many occasions leaving the candidates disappointed and they had to wait for applying again.

Under the changed latest system, the applicants for the next year visas could start the process now by preparing an online profile, which could be submit to the pool of candidates if it meets the requirements.

The applicants would randomly be drawn from the pools at the regular intervals and invitations are being sent to those applicants to apply for the work permit. The draws are being held continuously until all the positions are filled for the year.

The Immigration and Citizenship Department had not yet given confirmation that how many visas would be made available to the citizens of Ireland for the year 2016, but is predicted that the quota would be similar as the previous two years, when around 10,700 were available and around 7,700 for the working holiday and around 2500 for the young professionals,  and around 500 in the foreign co operative category for the full time students for taking part in the internship and programs for work placement for a period of  one year.

While the latest system would take off the pressure from the candidates, the major negative aspect is that the couples or friends won’t be able to apply together for the visas. And this means that one or more can be left waiting for too long for their application to be selected with no guarantee that they would receive a visa before the conclusion of the year, even if their partner or friend had applied at the same time and have been accepted.

Additional data on the procedure to apply for the IEC visa could be found on the Immigration and Citizenship website. A webinar is also going to held on Wednesday at 1pm Irish time, as the officials from the CIC would be present and they will answer the queries from the applicants.

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