Canada's 2018 Immigration Plan Will Boost Economy

October 18, 2017

Canadian President Justin Trudeau and his government is currently finalizing the 2018 Immigration Plan and it is revealed that will be ensure tremendous growth of the country’s economy. Trudeau has always lent a helping hand to immigrants from around the world especially from the war torn country of Syria. He is known for his wisely chosen government and the work they’ve undertaken ever since the Liberal government came into action.

One of the major aims of the Immigration Plan is to tackle skill shortages that can be seen across the country. Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister of Canada, will be launching the 2018 Immigration Plan on November 1 and aspires that the policy will attract best overseas talent to Canada increasing skilled task force.

Through the policy, the Canadian government wants to provide shelter and livelihood to those displaced by conflicts and wars and unite family members. Ahmed Hussen defined the 2018 Immigration Policy as highlighting equal economic opportunity, compassion, and efficiency. It also safeguards health of Canadians. The 2018 Immigration Plan of Canada once enforced will be recognized globally as a responsible and thoughtful approach to improve economy and help immigrants.


Ahmed Hussen has set a target of settling over 350,000 in 2018 alone. Jenny Kwan, NDP Immigration critic, feels the Canadian government should consider the immigration policy as their best way to bringing in people from a diverse pool to Canada. It will counter Canada’s ageing population and skill shortage. Focus should also be given to less skilled people like electrician, plumbers, and cleaners as the number is quite low in Canada.

These immigrants will be placed in semi-urban or countryside areas of Canada where skilled labor is highly in demand rather than urban areas where there’s high employment. The Canadian government aims at building one big community rather than small pockets of population across the country.

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