Canada's Immigration Officer Explained Successful Immigration Policies

April 24, 2017

The nation of Canada has a huge reputation for accommodating individuals from nations destroyed by war, starting with the United States.

Back in the year 1776, during the revolution that took place in the United States, black slaves sought and found safety on the shores of Canada.

When the 20th century came along, Jews who were running for their lives from Russians found safety in the country. As a matter of fact, the nation has opened its borders to more than 100000 asylum seekers from nations such as Lao, Vietnam, Syria and Cambodia in the last five decades. “The nation is a country of and for migrants,” the country’s immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, told reporters.

“The issue of migration has been an important part of our history as a nation, and it has been an invaluable part of our economy’s development and the strategy for reforming of the country.

Hearing a top official of the Canadian government speak in such glowing terms about migration, regardless of the benefits it has on the economy, is a sharp contrast to what is obtainable in the United States currently.

100 years following the settlement of migrants from Europe on the island of Ellis, many foreigners with the hope and dream of making it to the United States both for study and employment are now scared of being sent back to their home countries.

A lot have started to discard any traces of benefits they might have enjoyed while in the nation as they fear it might attract unwanted attention in their direction.

In Canada, foreigners have a different mindset. In the last twelve months, a lot of asylum seekers from Syria who lived with Canadians in the country came into the nation to see their sponsors.

“I am not worried because I am confident that the people who sponsored us will not desert us. They care about us” an asylum seeker told reporters during an interview session.

“There is a certain mentality in the nation that migration is beneficial to the society,” the minister of migration told reporters, “and that the government should keep on adopting an open migration scheme that would attract both those who need assistance and those who are talented enough to boost the economy.

Going by history in the United States of America, that would be true.

Every year, the United States hands out over 85000 H-1B permits to highly talented employees who end up getting jobs in firms such as Google, Microsoft, and other huge firms.

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