Canada's Nova Scotia asks Ottawa to remove immigration limit

October 27, 2015
Lena Diab, Immigration Minister of Province, had planned to request the new federal government for removal of restrictions that limit the immigrant numbers the province can take in under the programs of province.

She said that she has been looking forward towards 4th November, the day when the new government cabinet swearing in ceremony taking place and hopes to have enhanced relations with Ottawa.

Canada’s Nova Scotia asks Ottawa to remove immigration limit

In the past two years, the province had pushed Ottawa for raising the number for accepting under its nominee programs. In the year 2014, the province max out its nominees at limit of 700.  This year, the province has negotiated with the government for raising the limit to 1,350.

According to her, she wants flexibility and wants more control over their own program, more than what they had ever had in the province, and she also believes that they had proved themselves.

In the year 2014, the province takes around 2,670 people including the nominees of the province and their families.

However, with some research done all around the province showed that the Nova Scotia is perceived as the friendly but not welcoming to the new visitors.

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