Canadian Govt Welcomes Syrian Family with Open Arms

March 08, 2018

Until now, the government of Canada has welcomed more than 75,000 Syrians in the country and also helped them settle. The government plans to welcome much more in the future. Dundas Coalition for Refugee Support is a refugee help group in Canada that sponsors refugee families to come to Canada, and through the organization, another family’s struggle ended after a five years’ wait.

The family that the support group chose to keep confidential lived on the outskirts of Damascus, capital of Syria and waited for the civil war to slow down so that they could start all over again. But it didn’t. Instead, the war kept fuelling, and a bomb blast near their house motivated the family of five to take a cab to Lebanon. The family had relatives there, with whom they stayed for a while and took the ultimate decision of moving to Egypt for finding work. After the family moved to Egypt, a close friend of the Dundas Coalition for Refugee Support team member them the group of this family and they were ready to sponsor them.

Moira Law, the chairperson of the group, said that she was constantly in touch with the mother and says that all of them are excited to come to Canada. After coming in contact with the family, the support immediately started the two-year sponsorship process, but it turned out even longer for the family and took five years. Law said that the mother is very happy that they are shifting to Canada because she always hears good about the country, that there is no anti-muslim feeling among the people, how friendly the people are, and how well the country is growing.

Family of five

Father is an engineer and works as a truck driver, the mother is a preschool teacher, and have a 15-year old son and six-year twin daughters. All processing and formalities are done, and the family will be arriving in Canada in a few weeks.

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