Changes will be made to the skill shortage list for NZ in 2014

January 11, 2014

skill shortage

Changes will be made to the skill shortage list for New Zealand in 2014. The changes will come into effect from march 2014. They will affect who will be eligible to apply for a visa under the skilled migrant system. The ministry of business, innovation and employment has carried out the annual review of the New Zealand skilled shortage list and made the changes to the list.

The following professions will be removed from the list as of march;

Dietitian, audiologist, industrial pharmacist, hospital pharmacist, retail pharmacist, internal auditor, medical diagnostic radiographer, occupational therapist, midwife, osteopath, conductive education practitioner, specialist manager not elsewhere specified, speech language therapist, urban and regional planner.

Anyone who wanted to enter the country working in any of the professions listed will not be able to as of march, the reason being that the professions are no longer in shortage thanks to the skilled workers immigration program.

There has been a skill added to the immediate skill shortage list and three removed. The skill that has been added is registered nurse (mental Health) if an intended immigrant is offered a job in this profession they will be eligible to apply for a New Zealand work visa. The three that have been removed are: motor mechanic, truck driver and café and restaurant manager.

There are still further changes that will be made but the changes are still in the research and planning stages, a review of the requirements that a migrant will need to satisfy to be able to obtain a visas is also being carried out by the authorities. With so many migrants entering the country under the skilled scheme the jobs were soon going to become filled and therefore there would be no shortage in that area, this is due to how well migrants fit into the way of life in New Zealand and follow the rules set out by their visa which can go on to allow them to gain a permanent residence visa.

If a skill that any intended migrant has is not on the list there then is still hope for a working life in New Zealand in 2014, the visa centre in New Zealand will be able to offer help and advice and are easily contactable. New Zealand still welcome skilled workers to their country. The benefits that New Zealand have seen since the program started has made a great impact on the economy in the country.

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