Community colleges in the US are increasing their efforts to lure foreign students

December 15, 2015
The community colleges in US are increasing their efforts for attracting the foreign students who want to study in the US amid the outbreak of the pathway program increase in the nation.

The community colleges in the US has been the routes for better four years institutions for the students who would not have been prepared to visit via process of traditional application.

Community colleges in the US are increasing their efforts to lure foreign students

Now many students are lengthening their offer of two plus two programs where the students study for two years at community college before moving to the four year institution for finishing their undergraduate degree to foreign students looking for degrees from top universities of the US.

Colleges argues that they are much affordable than the pathways, and also provides many moving options to the leading universities and also offer a much more friendly academic environment. But, they face the problems of overcoming disgrace, providing sufficient support services and receiving visa approvals.

According to the CEO and President of Center for Global Advancement of Community Colleges, Zepur Solakian, they are trying to lift image of the community colleges for showing that pathway is already laid out. Every latest provider visiting in and they are trying out creating pathways and at much soaring price.

According to information, the foreign students at the community college of the US has raised slightly over previous two years to reach around 91,648 students. However, increase had come after four years of drop since the year 2009.

Solakian said that we require doing more joint marketing. Many community colleges has very less to spend and that is why they are trying to do as the organization.

The quality and the affordability of the community college programs mean that he is not threatened by the pathways. - As said by Ross Jennings, vice president, international programs and extended learning, Green River College.

According to another education expert, the community colleges are better than the pathways as they could offer students more choices. Out of 1,0000 community colleges in the US, top providers are mostly located in the areas like Washington, Texas, California, Jennings said that inspite having same transfer models, many colleges are not fully prepared to accept the foreign students yet.

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