Crackdown in Australian immigration has hit foreign students market

November 04, 2015
In Australia, there has been decrease in the grant of student visas at the end of the last financial year.  The information from the Australian immigration department shows that there were around 3,75,000 foreign students visa holders at the end of June month, this was the highest number since the end of previous decade’s boom in the enrolment. 

The applications for the student visas has jumped over 35,000 for the first time ever in the four years,  sustained by the increasing interest from the key markets. 

Australian visa crackdown has hit overseas student market

But now the granting of visas has fallen down due to the crackdown on the students from India, Nepal and Vietnam.  The visas that are granted to the students from these nations had fallen down to 13%, 16% and 18% in the previous year. 

According to the executive director, Phil Honeywood, the department of immigration has acted on the concerns for the applications of genuine students over last few months.  The officials had imposed the strict discipline in the applications for the genuine entrance test which determine the student’s financial and academic capability for living and studying in Australia.

He also said that apart from these intrusions they are still witnessing the growth from the countries like China, Taiwan, Brazil and Colombia. 

The granting of visas has been increased to 9% for the students from China and 8% for students from Brazil.  Australia has granted more than 65,000 visas to the Chinese students in the year 2014-15.

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