Deadline set for replacing hand written passports

January 30, 2016
If anyone having a hand written passport, now is the time for replacing it with the contemporary machine readable passports. The Central government is firmly sticking to the deadline from Organization for International Civil Aviation for mandatory machine readable passports. The passports that are non machine-readable or written by hand expired on 24th November, last year. The passport with hand written might no longer be legitimate.

Deadline set for replacing hand written passports

The government has predicted that there are 2.5 lakh old passports in the nation. And according to the officials, the passport offices all over the nation are busy in replacing the handwritten ones with the machine readable ones.

The officials from immigration department had issued a warning that any individual with the old passport can be declined entry at various foreign borders or can have their tours revoked at the airports.

According to the statistics, there are 2.5 lakh passports that are written by hand are circulating all over the country. With the digital revolution, there has been increase of 20% in the applicants for new passports. The occurrence of digital passports has minimized the circulation of forged passports. And as per the immigration officials, it is easy to detect the forged passport and had also warned people not to take the passports from agents.

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