Iran extends visa waiver program to include more nations

May 19, 2014
Iran extends visa waiver program to include more nations
Iran’s intelligence minister has stated in a meeting related to Tourism, held in Tehran that his ministry has agreed to the lifting/waiver of visa requirements for nationals of a select group of countries on a reciprocal basis. Thus, according to him, 12 countries would be included in the country’s visa waiver program on a reciprocal basis.

So, this would mean, that as of now, ‘visa on entry’ would be available to aliens of some select countries at two airports in the country. This facility would be extended to two more airports in the country in due course of time, according to the minister. Iran has sought to increase the number of foreigners who visit the country in the recent past, in a concerted effort to give an impetus to its economy. 

It is by now acknowledged that tourism has vast potential. And, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in 2013, internationally/globally, tourism garnered $1.4 trillion in export revenue.
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