DI tells polls that Denmark needs foreigners

June 11, 2015
DI tells polls that Denmark is in need of internationals

As there are still ten days to go for the Denmark’s election campaign, the main issue which will be controlling the role of internationals in the workforce of Danish.

The parties which are leading such as the social democrats and Venstre argue on the number of jobs created have gone to internationals through Danes during the government of PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s. The people’s party of Danish wishes to make it difficult for the companies of Danish to hire international workers, whereas parties of the left-wing bemoan that the lower-paying jobs is being taken by the Eastern Europeans.

The Danish industry’s confederation stated that through the weekend the Danes are not enough to meet the future needs of the country. There are some industries that are already depending on the skills of bringing in the international workers.

Deputy Director of DI Steen Nielsen stated to the broadcaster DR that there is no doubt that we are in need of the international workers in order to work with the Danish companies in case we are about to continue still with the improvement which is underway.

In addition, he stated that there is an immense need of the people from abroad for solving the company’s problems as there are 74,000 less Danes than in the year 2008. That is the basic explanation of why so many internationals are there in the workforce. We were in need of them.

Nielsen stated that when there is demand for the specialized internationals like IT specialists and engineers, the companies of Danish totally dependedon the internationals in filling the labor jobs which are manual.

DI has been the constant proponent for the negative tone to be changed towards the internationals which dominates the media and political debates of Danish.

In addition, he again repeated that the international workers are necessary for the future of the Denmark.

He also told DR, particularly that we do not have greater unemployment here at the recovery threshold of economy. It will not be for a long time till the manpower, resources at home are being exhausted. In case we are unable to get the international manpower then in terms of growth we will stall out.

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