Differences between a Migrant and a Refugee

December 10, 2013

Differences between a Migrant and a Refugee

New Zealand are part of the 1951 convention and the 1957 protocol that relates refugees. Each year  the government of New Zealand has a quota of 750 refugees, they also have over three hundred people under the refugee support act. Many refugees apply for refugee status and are assessed accordingly, if they are declined a refugee does have the right to appeal to the immigration and protection tribunal.

There are stark difference to immigrants and refugees, a refugee is fleeing a hostile environment and so will choose the quickest way out of that situation, often not knowing the destination in which they will arrive. Migrants choose the country in which they want to travel and find out what they can about that country. Migrants plan their journey where as refugees can not do this, they are fleeing, mainly from harm and so do not have the luxury and time of planning. Many refugees will leave their country of origin in secrecy, not even telling their family and loved ones they are leaving where as migrants will take time packing and choosing what they want to keep and take and also what can stay behind, these difference are why a migrant can not apply for a refugee visa and obviously why a refugee wouldn't apply for a visa. Another difference is that a migrant will say goodbye to loved ones and also keep in touch as best they can via the internet and visits where as a refugee is often too scared to keep in touch with their loved ones and their home country such is the reason they fled. 

Asylum seekers must still be screened to make sure they do not bring any hazards into New Zealand, although New Zealand is a safe haven for refugees, it still has a strong border and immigration control, they still want to keep their unique country just that and free from diseases and other unwanted hazards. There are many places that do free health checks for refugees in main cities such as Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. It is not an immigration medical but if any illness or wound or ill health is found a refugee will  get care for the appropriate issue.  If a refugee wants to be reunited with their family they must contact Immigration New Zealand. A refugee or a person who has protection status will be eligible for publicly funded health care they must however have proof of their status, an approval letter that would have been issued can be used.

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