Dubai to boost passengers count with multiple entry cruise visa

December 06, 2014
Dubai to enhance passengers count with multiple entry cruise visa

As per the Dubai department of tourism and marketing, the new multiple entry visa system to sailing travelers would boost cruise requests to 16% and tourists number to seven percent in the coming season. During the September and June month’s season of 2015-16, the DTCM is anticipating to grab the attention of 128 cruise calls and 410,000 travelers when compared with the present year season calls and tourists of 110 and 381,000 which is going to end-up by June of 2015. 

The new multiple entry visa system that was launched during the month of August is allowing an individual to visit any of the country’s ports many number of times. Executive director of Business Tourism, Hamad Bin Mejren at Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing revealed that this visa system will have good impact on the voyagers.   

Hamad Bin further noted that, the new visa scheme is also planning to get more ships to boost the demand and to continue working with the current ships to surge the expansion. As per the ship operations, they are anticipating more number of requests from tourists the coming season. 

These system is about to surge the countries sales strategy by welcoming more number of guests from diversified nations, especially from India, China, Latin America, Europe nations, Russia and South Africa, according to provincial director at Royal Caribbean International, Helen Beck.  

At present the cost for cruise travelers is of only Dh200. On the whole this new visa system would remain as an asset for Arabian Gulf sails. This visa facilitation would enhance the sailing business, as most of the ships use Dubai as the main spot to move to other nations, said the operators.

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