Edinburgh MP to urge UK Home Office for reinstating post study work scheme for foreign students

February 09, 2016
Tommy Sheppard, Edinburgh MP is working with Edinburgh University for urging the Home Office of the UK to restore the post study work visa for foreign students.

Many universities of Scotland including the Edinburgh University and many government officials from Scotland has given warning against the affect of elimination of the post study work schemes.

Edinburgh MP to urge UK Home Office for reinstating post study work scheme for foreign students

According to Sheppard, they have been doing much work to see that they get the specific scheme for Scotland, the process has not been finished yet. But he thinks that there remains an interim report that recommends there should be such scheme.

He also said that the problem is that Scotland is not an independent nation, and they could only do what Tory government would let them to do, and they seem to have set their decision against the scheme.

He also informed that they are doing whatever they could do and they are also hoping for a better outcome, as it is not only bad for the students but also for the universities.

According to Edinburgh University’s International Student Support Head, Euan Fergusson, the businesses of Scotland are missing out the huge amount of possible talent because of these limitations. He was part of the post study job group that looks at the affects of elimination of post study job visa.

He also said that the tight limitations have caused a brain drain out of Scotland, and Scotland is falling behind when compared to other competitor nations like Australia and Canada.

UK Home Office has mentioned one of the reasons for putting such tight limitations on the post study job visas was that the system was frequently open to extensive exploitation.

Fergusson had denied the claim and said that there were many reasons to believe as it was very successful scheme.

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