Employers Are Struggling to Fill Tremendous Job Vacancies in Canada

March 30, 2019
Job vacancies grew in 12 out of 13 Canadian territories and provinces in the closing quarter of 2018, as Canada concluded the year with 548,000 places available, up 16.6% in the past 12 months.

Employers Are Struggling to Fill Tremendous Job Vacancies in Canada

Current data from Statistics Canada reveals Quebec and Ontario noticed the most significant job vacancy improvements, both by higher than 25,000, while Saskatchewan province was the only province to record a vacancy drop.

The numbers mean a 9th continuous year-over-year improvement in Canada job openings and the employment vacancy rate. The employment vacancy rate is the number of job openings as a percentage of the total of all filled and unfilled jobs.

Jobs are also being vacant for more time, with the balance remaining vacant for 90 days or higher increasing to 12.6%. The numbers show how employers in Canada are finding it more difficult to fill vacancies, with skilled worker immigration an essential tool for getting the best-qualified staff members.

Ontario had 26,840 additional job openings in the last quarter of 2018 related with a year before, an improvement of 14.1%.  Canada’s biggest province noticed the most vacancy increase in social assistance, health care, construction, administrative and support services. Ontario also noticed a $1.55 rise in hourly wages, a growth of 7.6% – the highest among all the Canadian provinces.

In Quebec, openings grew by 25,465, or 27.5%. The most significant vacancy gains were seen in social assistance and health care, manufacturing, and retail trade. Median hourly wages offered in Quebec increased by 40 cents an hour to $19.95, a 2% increase.

Meanwhile, British Columbia saw the job opening growth of 16,060 or 18.1%. Significant vacancy improvements were focused on scientific, professional, and technical services, warehousing and transportation, as well as forestry, agriculture, fishing, and hunting. The given hourly wage increased by $1.40, or 7.1% in British Columbia.

Industry-wise Job Vacancies

Cut down by industry, social assistance and health care observed the most significant increase in job openings in the last quarter of 2018, at 12,360, a 26.7% rise. Approximately all of the progress was in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.

British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta provided the majority of opening increases in support and administrative services. This sector witnessed job growth of 9,895 or 29.4%.

Construction also witnessed an approximate 30% increase in job openings, with 8,590 further jobs accessible than a year earlier. The rate of growth is 29.7% was the biggest of all the sectors, driven by Quebec and Ontario.

Overall, the sole sector observing a drop in vacancies was quarrying, mining, oil, and gas extraction.

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