Facebook might skip this year's IIT campus placement due to limited H-1B visas

October 21, 2015
Facebook is one of the popular company among engineering campuses might skip this year’s visit to the Indian IIT’s this year for the internship and placements. According to the reports from IIT placement unit.

They has decided not because they had lost its enthusiasm for the Indian engineering talented students, but because of the limited H-1B visas that are issued to them by the US. A total of five IIT’s have confirmed that this year, this company is not going to visit them.

Facebook might skip this year’s IIT placement season due to limited H-1B visas

In the previous year, Facebook has made almost dozen offers at the three institutes with salaries touching the sky upto a crore, also touching two crores for the software positions in California.

Facebook did not comment on this issue. But according to the sources which are close to the company said that last year also they had the visa problem. And they were forced to post their IIT hired students at the UK for a year before they get their visas for doing job in the US. 

Atal Ashutosh Agarwal of IIT Kharagpur had confirmed that Facebook is not going to come for the undergraduate interns of the IIT. And it’s a similar story at the other IIT’s as well.  According to head of student placement group, the company still hasn’t approached them and it seems unlikely that they will turn up for the campus placements too.

The present quota for the H-1B visa is around 65,000 which will get exhausted in the matter of some days of yearly allocation that becomes available at the start of April month every year. The demand by the US for talented foreign students in STEM stream is likely to shoot up to around a million by 2020.

NASSCOM. VP, Shivendra Singh, said that millions of STEM stream students will be required for working in the US in some period of time, but they are likely to be falling short by around 50%. He also said that India is a good supplier of talented workers in this field, including young IITians.

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