L-1 visas will impact IT companies in India until corrective measures taken

October 26, 2015
It has been seen a spurt in the grant of L-1B visas which is meant for the professionals with the specialized knowledge, and in it will put an adverse effect on the IT companies of India unless the corrective measures are taken.

According to the Managing Director of the Law Group, in these recent times getting the L-1B visa has become difficult due to lot of scrutiny by the authorities of USCIS. The drop in grant of visas has increased because of the inability of petitioning employers for demonstrating the position of the workers.

L-1B visa will effect IT companies of India unless corrective measures are taken

Because of the higher standards, the IT companies should give the proprietary tools, the employees has to be properly educated. If the firms don’t demonstrate, then it is going to be difficult for exhibiting the Specialized Knowledge – He said.

And according to the partner of the Managing Director, the rate of denial under the category of L-1B visa has raised up sharply. He also said that the denials have increased by upto 60 to 70%, and it is much in case of the IT companies.

According to the Managing Director, any of the main harmful impact on the IT companies which is concerned to their US operation would have the unpleasant effect on the economy of India as  IT sector contributes to the economy of India and the IT sector’s biggest market is the US.

Looking at the strict immigration rules in the US, the IT companies in India are looking at some other markets for expanding their operations. The biggest issue for the IT companies of India is to comply with the procedures of tough visa.

Before applying for the L-1B visa, the employees shall have a year of advanced knowledge for same tool, also at outside of the US.

The employees shall work with his current employee tool or else it might be a reason for the visa denial. The employer shall know that employee would work on their own tool for end client, and they are specialized in the same.

The companies in India shall create more products which could be differentiated them from their competitors for being able to retain their workers in the US.

India’s 50% of its population is less than the age of 30, and there are many qualified and talented professionals that will be available for meeting the overseas immigration requirements.

Japan and China are having ageing population, and the Indian companies are setting up their bases for supporting their technological advancements.

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