Immigrants facing deportation winning cases against the US

February 14, 2014
Immigrattion facing deportation -US Visareporter news

Immigrants facing deportation are winning cases; almost half of them have won their cases before an immigration judge. In 20 years, it is the highest success rate, according to court data released recently.

Since 2009, the US government has lost many deportation cases, as per the Transaction Records Clearinghouse (TRAC). Immigrants in New York, California and Oregon are the most successful, according to this data resource.
The Obama administration was criticized by many immigration votaries and supporters, for deporting many people. However, Republicans say that the President is too soft on illegal immigrants residing in the country.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement that works under the supervision of President Barack Obama, has removed almost two million immigrants from the country. There are no immediate comments on this from the Homeland and Security department.

Immigration authorities have received policy orders from the Obama administration to judge and decide on which illegal immigrants residing in the country can be (or, are supposed to be) deported. Janet Napolitano, Ex-Homeland Security has suggested /advised that illegal immigrants who did not pose any threat to public safety or national security should be heard out.

The US government evaluated hundreds of thousands of cases pending in the courts, in the year 2011.  An attempt was made to cut down more than 300,000 backlog cases. In due course of time, tens of thousands of cases were dismissed, but still, at present, there are over 360,000 pending cases, as per TRAC.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program created by Obama in the year 2012, allows thousands of young illegal immigrants to apply to live in the country for up to 2 years and obtain a visa to work.

Immigration lawyer, Kathleen Campbell Walker, has said that it may be too early to know what actually how the TRAC data is to be interpreted, as for as immigration enforcement is concerned. She has also said that the current immigration laws are years old and have not been changed in the recent years, and prospective immigrants who are likely illegal immigrants are successful in putting forth their arguments that they must be allowed to live in the country.

Obama, during both of his presidential campaigns, pledged to overhaul immigration laws in the country.
ast month (January, 2014), Republicans confirmed a plan that touches both border security and the fate of 11 million illegal immigrants living in the country. But, further to that, John Boehner, House speaker said it is difficult to pass an immigration bill this year. 
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