Hong Kong Drops plan to scrap visa free entry to Indians

June 22, 2015
Hong Kong government has dropped the scrap visa free facility in India

After the representation for businesses and tourism from Indian officials as a move could be seriously jeopardized, the governments of Hong Kong drops plan to scrap visa free entry for Indians. Scrapping programme for Indians was considering the former British colony to curb number of asylum seekers which is said by the public security officials in Hong Kong.

However, after the representation based in Hong Kong by the Indian prominent and diplomats stating PTI that such a move could make the business, tourism and trade seriously jeopardize flows from India with the dropped proposal by the local government.

The proposal of scrap visa free facility was mooted by the members of the local party to curb the asylum seekers from India, where in recent months there was an increase in registering. This facility based on a recent morning post by the South China which is reported in Hong Kong

The proposal defended the move as a “sacrifice to protect our borders” by the chairman of the  liberal party’s youth committee, Dominic Lee Tsz King and he is also a key force a behind the proposal. These days, it’s not too much hassle to get visas for legitimate visitors. ”lee was quoted as saying by the post” It can be done through online or many mediums.

Hong Kong allows visa free travel and stay for 14 days in India which is one of the very few countries. The policy was continued by the Hong Kong and Macau even after becoming special administration in 1997 of China.

Even without the reciprocal arrangements for the visa to travel to India for the Hong Kong citizens, the arrangements were continued for Indian nationals’ .The officials of Hong Kong are unhappy over India for the reciprocal visa free arrangements of the country although, there was a rise in number over asylum seekers.

The Hong Kong-India chamber of commerce founder and former president, M Arunachalam told PTI that the government has to spend substantial amounts to deal with India about the asylum seekers of genuine concerns from India. He also stated that after the matter took up with the liberal party and government by the Indian Consulate and his chambers, the proposal has been dropped where it is asked for dropping campaign to the Tsz King by senior leader James Tien.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the e-visa facility will be applicable to residence which helps to address the issue of reciprocals of Hong Kong. It is clarified to the Hong Kong government for Chinese tourism by the Indian officials announced by the Prime Minister during His visit to China.

The Indian government has been asked by the Hong Kong government to take measures for direct fly and stake claim to prevent asylum seekers. Arunachalam stated that for local government it entailing a lot of expenditure and time for following due procedures laid out by UNHCR where many of them are being sent back.

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