Immigrants in Austria represent 19.4% of population

August 01, 2014
Austrian immigrant population represent 19.4% of the population

Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Minister for foreign affairs and integration, has presented a report, which stated that approximately 19.4 percent of the population in Austria has immigration scenario. 

Typically, 1.625 million people with immigration background have resided in the country in 2013, which included 1.2 million immigrants of first-generation born in foreign countries, together with approximately 428,000 children, who were born to them in Austria.

An aggregate of 151,300 people have come into the country in 2013, at the same time 96,600 went out of the country following a net immigration of 54,700 people in a positive way.

European Economic Area and European Union were the major source of immigrants constituting 57% of the total immigrants.

Notably, Germany was the major immigrant source accounting for 17,700 people coming into the country, followed by Hungarians representing 14,900 people and Romanians making up 13,500 people.

Besides, 70 percent of immigrants have expressed that they feel Austria as their home compared to 56 percent in 2010.
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