Immigration Advisors Changes for 2014

January 11, 2014

Immigration Advisors Changes for 2014

New Zealand is a beautiful diverse country, full of culture and opportunity. Immigrants have travelled to New Zealand and set up a new life, for hundreds of years, today is no different. Each year New Zealand see thousands of foreign nationals enter the country for many different reasons, work, study, holiday, family reasons. A visa is required to gain entry into New Zealand, to get a visa applicants must meet specific requirements and submit documentations to back up their claims as stated in the visa they are applying for. All information on each visa is available from the New Zealand immigration department. There are licensed immigration advisers that can also be used. As of early 2014 they will being reviewed and revised.

In 2010 the code of conduct for licensed immigration advisor was drawn up, and now in 2014 this code is being updated. The reason for this is to bring a much better helpful service to clients who wish to use them, the code brings assurance to the client as well as outing exactly what a licensed adviser is required to do, and follow a certain set of rules. Professional standards will be updated, a greater description for advisers and clients. With the revision of the code will make sure that licensed immigration advisers will have to show evidence that they are indeed licensed. This is to stop unlicensed advisers from working as immigration advisers. If they are not licensed there will be no documents to show, find a licensed advisor so you do not fall victim to fraud.

An advisor will have to be very careful, respectful of their client and circumstances and be honest. There are too many people who claim to be immigration advisers who are far from honest, this is why the code has been revised. The advisor should conduct themselves with care and always provide their client with help and advice that is correct and relevant to their immigration case.

The only people who are exempt from gaining a license to offer immigration help onshore and offshore are lawyers, anyone who wishes to use an immigration advisor should always opt for a licensed one, under the revised code of conduct their help is assured to be legal and correct unlike unlicensed advisers, all advisors are required to put their name onto documents, if an advisor will not put their name on a document they will more than likely  not be loyal, they will be untrustworthy and definitely not licensed.

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