President Obama urges the Supreme Court to decide quickly on the immigration measures

November 26, 2015
Obama administration had urged the Supreme Court for setting the date quickly for ruling on executive orders which will protect undocumented immigrants which are around five million  from deportation.

In the twin page letter which was send on Tuesday,  Donald Verrilli, US Solicitor General had asked high court to dismiss petition from the alliance of 26 most of them Republican let states for the additional time for replying to the motion calling from the administration on the 20th November on the nine concern of justice to turn the decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upholding an injunction against the  measures of immigration. 

President Obama urges the Supreme Court to decide quickly on the immigration measures

The holdup that was demanded by Republicans will ensure that high court will not have written briefs from parties till 20th January and will also stop case from being heard during present court term and therefore, there will not be any decision delivered on this matter till June 2017, five months followed by Obama leaving the office.

The impact of the holdup will cause harm to around five million individuals who are waiting for the implementations of the actions to be able to get the work permits etc.

In the letter, solicitor general had agreed to an addition of a week such that on 29th December the Supreme Court will have the written replies of the parties, if it settle on to evaluate the matter.

Verrilli had told in the letter that the time length shall be more than enough. 

For the Obama administration, it is important that the nine Supreme Court justices had agreed to examine the case in the month of January so that they could rule it in June 2016.

The issue of undocumented migrants has become a very heavy weapon which is being used by both the party candidates for trying and gaining the electoral benefit.

The Supreme Court had been asked for deciding the future of the individuals who will benefit from the DAPA and extension of DACA for assisting the individuals for bringing in to the US unlawfully as kids.

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