Increase in Settlement Funds for Express Entry Immigrants in Canada for 2020

January 04, 2020
There is an increase in the Settlement funds requirement for fresh immigrants in the Express Entry reaching Canada in 2020. Funds requirements for single applicants increased to $12,960 in 2020. In 2019 they were $12,669. Also, there was an increase in cases of family members. These levels apply to candidates in Federal Skilled Trades and also in the Federal Skilled Worker programs, invited through the Express Entry. Some candidates of the Canada Experience Class need to prove to have these settlement funds.

Increase in Settlement Funds for Express Entry Immigrants in Canada for 2020

The details are outlined here:

Settlement Funds Requirements for Federal Programs

Number of Family Members

2017 Funds Required

2018 Funds Required

2019 Funds Required

2020 Funds Required




































Each additional family member





Applicants must also show that they have adequate money to support themselves and the family members after they arrive in Canada. This applies unless the aspirant:

• Is presently authorized to work in Canada and,

• Possesses the valid job offer from a local employer

• Applicants cannot use borrowed money to meet these thresholds. Furthermore, they must use the money for covering the living costs and this applies in case even when the family does not accompany the applicant in Canada.

• Applicants must provide proof to the visa officials in their residence countries of possessing adequate money while they apply.

• The funds' availability must be ready when they apply and when the PR visa is issued.

• Official letters issued by the banks or financial institutions are proof of funds.

As per IRCC the letter must:

• Be officially printed on the letterhead

• Have all the contact details of address, email address, and telephone numbers, as well as the name.

• There must be a List of outstanding or credit card debts and loans

• All the data on the current bank or investment account with the Account numbers

• The date on which it was opened

• The present balance of the account

• The average balance in the last six months

• The money which the applicants need depends on family size.

• Applicants must carry out a search on the living costs in a place where they intend to settle

• They must declare if they bring an amount more than $10,000 in the country, as per extant regulations.

The authorities allow applicants to bring required funds through

• Cash

• Property or capital Documents highlighting payment to the applicant in:

• Bonds

• Stocks

• Treasury bills

• Debentures, OR,

• Documents guaranteeing payment of money, payable to the applicant like a :

• Bank- draft

• Cheque

• Money orders

• or the Travelers’ cheque,

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