UK tops the list of world's most foreign universities

January 14, 2016
UK universities have dominated the latest rankings which reveal that the UK has most foreign universities in the world.

UK tops the list of world’s most foreign universities

The list that was published had revealed that the UK has around third of entries in top 200, and around 39 universities had made their presence in list of top 100 universities of the world.

It also reveals that when it comes to the foreign students and staff numbers, the UK is witnessing the competitions from the countries that include Switzerland, Australia and the US, as they stood in second place.

According to the editor of the world university rankings, Phil Baty, the nations like China who sends many foreign students in the UK was able to retain additional students.

Mr. Batty also told that the immigration policies of the UK have sent an incorrect message among students, which is leading to the drop in student numbers, particularly from India, which had been the biggest source of overseas students to the UK.

Mr. Baty also informed that the UK has fantastic assets as it has one of the world’s most beautiful destinations for the foreign students.

He also said that the UK is at risk of losing its status due to high competition. There is a concern for the immigration policies as whether we truly welcoming foreign students or not. There are few serious concerns like the competitors getting more better in attracting foreign students. Other countries are providing additional English courses, and they are also hiring the similar students that had came to the UK or the US previously.

In the latest rankings, Qatar University was on the top spot, followed by the Luxembourg University in second spot, Hong Kong University in third place, Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in fourth position and Geneva University in fifth place. The Imperial College London has made into top 10 as it is placed in 10th position.

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