Job market changes in New Zealand

January 22, 2014

Job market changes in New Zealand

Confidence in employment has surged in New Zealand, the final four months of 2013 saw readings taken over these months being the second highest in the past two years. There is still concern however about the labour market conditions, as well as earnings and growth. Although the economy of New Zealand is growing and steaming ahead it has not yet met its full capacity, as so there is still much room for growth. Where wages are concerned, negative feelings are increasing. Growth in wages is bothering more and more employees across New Zealand. 

The population of New Zealand who are unemployed did feel a lot of pressure was on them, but is now seems that confidence is growing around the job market, New Zealand is not a company with a massive unemployment problem. Jobs are available in the country and are advertised via many different ways, the amount of jobs being advertised on the internet has grown by fifteen percent. The unemployment rate is expected to drop to below six or seven percent on the previous year. 

Rural regions did have a decline in jobs and in unemployment, with both of these's confidence was naturally low compared with big cities. The cities have more and more opportunities to offer people, in a country that continues to grow the cities will be the first to benefit, as well as the citizens of New Zealand as more jobs will be available. 

People who have an income that is classed as a middle income, and  those who earn around 30, 000 to 70, 000 saw their confidence rising in employment. Age also plays a role in the confidence level, many who were asked about their confidence in employment agreed that they were optimistic about the future they are the people aged between thirty and fifty. Those under thirty were much more pessimistic about finding a job and the job market as a whole. New Zealand is a popular destination for many, job opportunities are widespread across the country and this is why many are attracted to the country.

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