Turkey Govt. Plans to Issue Post-study Work Permit

May 22, 2018
In the light of globalization, the Turkish government has decided to issue post-study work permits to international students. It means that the 117,000 foreign students currently studying in Turkish educational institutions for a particular amount of time will get a work permit so that they can continue their stay in Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, president of Turkey, also said that he is thinking of changing the health insurance policy and instead of waiting for three months before giving it to international students, he is planning to give health insurance right away. It will help Turkey become a more accepted study destination in the Middle East, which is currently dominated by the United Arab Emirates. 

Turkey to Start Post-study Work Permit

The Turkish president revealed his plans at an event organized by the Federation of International Students Associations in the last week at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul, a major Turkish city that lies in Europe as well as Asia. He also shared his goal of attracting 350,000 in the next academic year with attendees of the conference. Erdoğan mentioned that after students complete their studies, they have to return to their home country. He wants Turkey to become one of the top five international study destinations. 

Continuing Relationships 

Many students come to Turkey through an exchange student program or study abroad programs conducted by their universities. In 2014, Turkey received 7,948 such students, but after that, the count reduced vigorously by more than half in 2016-17 after many countries of the European Union issued travel warnings to traveling to Turkey. 

Erdogan said that it didn’t matter to him from where the international students came from. He is only interested in forming and maintaining a good relationship with these students. Turkey not only wants to open its educational institutions to international students but also its heart. It means all international students will get working permission once they successfully complete their course.

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