India sources large number of nurses into UK'S NHS

March 26, 2016
India was the biggest source of nurses hired from the non EU nations into UK’s NHS between the year 2009 and 2015, according to the current statistics.

 India sources large number of nurses into UK’S NHS

The Committee on Migration Advisory (MAC) had told that more number of nurses are from India and Philippines. They posses good skills in English Language and that is the reason which has made them the most preferable candidates for hiring.

Meanwhile the Association of Indian Origin Physicians (BAPIO) had express their concerns on the NHS being baised in recruiting few Indians and non EU health professionals.

During the year 2009 till the previous year, around 6,138 nurses has been hired, and that accounts around 37% of the entire non EU nurses being hired by the NHS trusts. Other countries which are sourcing the nurses are Nigeria, Philippines, Australia and Nepal.

UK had previously added the nursing profession in the list of shortage occupation when they were facing shortage of nurses. Professions in the list are not subjected to limitations for the professionals who are migration to the UK under different categories of visa.

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