Significant Uplift in New Zealand Migration Levels

March 31, 2015
Significant rise in Migration Levels of New Zealand

As per the new records of New Zealand, it has seen a steady rise in immigrants count from last 12 months. Few of the concerned sources of the country reveal that more overseas applicants are showing interest to reside and work in New Zealand. Compared to previous year figure of 53,797, immigration level of the country is reaching the peaks. According to the new statistics, New Zealand has seen a net gain of 4,900 immigrants in the past six months by breaking the 2003 year figure of 4,700. 

Fall in New Zealand citizens’ departures and a rise in non-New Zealand individuals’ arrivals has made the country to gain 3700 immigrants in 2014. 

According to the concerned statistician of the country, Liz MacPherson, rise in the immigrants’ arrival to the nation during the year end of February was led by Indian Citizens with the count of 5,900.

On the other hand, count of Australians visiting the nation has been surging by 2,900, Chinese by 1.300, Philippines by 1,200 and French citizens by 1,100. Surge in arrivals count from Australia encompassed 2,200 and more 700 from non-New Zealand. 

Drop in immigrants’ departures was due to less departure of New Zealand citizens to Australia. Sources further added that from 2013, New Zealand has seen a good fall in the departure of their citizens to other nations. 

Concerned experts of the country anticipate to maintain same figure for a few months. As per the new statement of Westpac senior economist Felix Delbruck, New Zealand is likely to raise its immigration level to 60,000 and will soon uphold more immigrants by 2016.

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