Infosys clears visa violations charges made by US Department of Labor

September 08, 2015
Infosys on Tuesday said that the Labor Department of US has cleared the visa violations charges that were made, after months of US government’s investigation in the outsourcing contract in which Southern California Edison, Infosys and TCS were involved.

Infosys clears visa violations charges made by US Department of Labor

According to Infosys which is also a second-largest outsourcing company of India, the Labor Department of US has completed its investigations into the filed labor condition applications in the outsourcing contract of Southern California Edison. They reviewed more than 145 files and didn’t find any visa violations.   

“We do not practice or condone unfair or unethical H-1B visa practices. Our key priority is to operate fairly, ethically and with integrity, which is good business and what our clients expect." A statement made by Sandeep Dadlani, EVP and Head of Americas at Infosys.

Even though there’s shortage of technology skills, Infosys actively and responsibly participates in the H-1B program and it continuously recruits and hires talented candidates in the U.S. He added.

In August last year, a controversial move made by the Southern California Edison of removing 500 workers and replacing them with the workers from Infosys and TCS who holds the H -1B visa have generated a chaos in the US which leads to the government’s decision of investigating into the matter of finding out whether these two Indian companies Infosys and TCS violated the labor laws. This charge was denied by both the companies in June.

"We are proud of our robust immigration compliance program and very pleased to receive this positive determination of verification from the DOL of our technical and substantive compliance. Infosys is happy to cooperate with any future government agency inquiries to continue to demonstrate our commitment to compliance." David Kennedy, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, EVP said.

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