Plans to offer un-employment benefits to migrants in the UK

January 07, 2016
The controversial latest plan, which will mean that the EU migrant workers will only be able to claim gains from their home country in the first year of arrival in the UK, or after coming in other member state of the EU.  

This can motivate additional EU workers from the Europe to relocate to Britain. And as per the former economist, this can result in hike in the UK immigration.

Plans to offer un-employment benefits to migrants in the UK

The proposal would be considered by the European Commission that is set to be introduced in March 2016 after a European summit in February.  Under this scheme, the EU member states would be needed to pay unemployment gains to their citizens for the fixed period, even if they go towards other nation for finding the job.

This scheme can also permit for the Government of the UK to deport unemployed migrants from the UK.  Present rules means that the EU migrants could be send back home if they fail to find the job in six months time after arriving in the UK.  If the latest regulations are set in the Government of the UK will not have to pay unemployment gains over six months time.

According to former government economic advisor, the plan certainly would increase the immigration numbers in the UK because unemployed migrant job-seekers will no longer fear their welfare entitlement as the overcome of relocating overseas to look for the job.

UK PM had earlier insisted that the deal on the UK’s renegotiated status within the EU will be struck in 2016, before an EU Referendum in the UK which likely to take place in June or July month.

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