UAE is the best option for residing in the world

October 07, 2015
When it comes to programmes for residency, UAE has been ranked as the best destination for immigration. According to a law company which specializes in immigration.

In its chart that was recently released, it includes 23 programmes of residence across the world. 

UAE is the best option for residing in the world

UAE provides very good option as there is no income tax and no need to file the tax, these are the things people take into consideration when they think of relocating, as many people don’t mind paying the tax but they generally don’t like the paperwork hassle for filing the tax. And when compared to countries like Switzerland where they are bureaucratic with regards to filing of tax, such obligations are not there in the UAE. As said by the managing director of the law company.

The factor of quality of life is considered to be most preferable by the people for residing in the UAE. UAE is not only about some beaches, but it is the country that provides good facilities and better healthcare system. Dubai is now very easy to access as it is no longer considered a place in the remote of Middle East. Now it is being considered as almost the next door by many of the people.

People increasingly choose the emerging countries as their immigration destination, as of now countries like UK, Singapore and Switzerland is losing their ground with regards to the volume of applicants.

Emerging countries are now days becoming more easy and accessible for living, and which attracts the immigrants especially from Europe through their quality of life. Asia is now popular as many countries like Thailand and Malaysia are on the map of the immigration. He said.

Both countries offer options of visa to immigrants aging 50. Malaysia runs the programme of investment for those who are more than 50 years of age.  And Thailand is offering retirement visas which are of two types.

Other than Asia, places like Panama and Bahamas are of interest for immigrants from European countries. 

UAE still remains the popular destination for immigrants from all over the world.

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