IT companies staring at over 25,000 crore bill due to H-1B visa fee hike

December 21, 2015
The H-1B visa fee has been doubled by the US from $2000 to $4000 while the L-1 visa fee had been increased from $2500 to $4500. The 100% increase in fees of two of most favorite non immigration visas has generated much of the controversy due to the US is largest market for IT firms of India with yearly exports predicted at $60 million.

The hiked visa fee came as a shock for the IT firms of India as they now have to pay around million of dollars while applying for the H-1B visas.

IT companies staring at over 25,000 crore bill due to H-1B visa fee hike

As per Nasscom President, R.Chandrashekhar, the cost of visa for the Indian IT industry would raise from $100 million to $400 million.  This hiked fee is applicable till September 2025, so the Indian IT industry might end up paying $4 billion over the next 10 years towards the cost of the visa.

IT firms had termed this as highly biased  as the legislation text was written in such a manner that the fee will only be paid by key IT firms of India.  Nasscom has protested about the augmented visa fee.

Mr. Chandrashekhar told that the hiked visa fee aims at targeting IT firms of India in particular. It does not affirm to the rule of fair play. The hiked fee would affect the margin of Indian firms. It would also put pressure on the outsourcing and would hurt the economy of the US.

This year, the US had approved the quota of around 65,000 H-1B visa was full n few days of start of the application process on 1st April. The US government had started computerized draw of lottery. Firms having over 50 employees and having over 50% of their US workers on the H-1B and L-1 visa will have to pay the latest fee when the next session for visa application starts on 1st April 2016.

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