UK nurses petition to reconsider immigration rules

August 18, 2015
Following the United Kingdom new announcement of salary requirement for immigrant workers that would see 30,000 nurses to leave the UK are now targeting the UK government with an online petition that so far garnered an approximate 55,000 signatures.

UK nurses petition to reconsider immigration rules

The new requirement that targets the workers from the outside of European Union who earns less than €35,000 in the UK even after six years has to go back to their native countries.

The move will create chaos at National Health Service as the most of the nurses belong there are the immigrants originating from different countries.

The petition states that the move will leave the hospitals with a critical shortage of nurses “at a time when more and more will be needed to cope with an aging population and the devastating affects of social care cuts”.  

In June, Royal college of nursing (RCN) at annual conference mentioned the new rules that apply from April 2017 would potentially affect 30,000 nurses currently working in the United Kingdom.

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