Korea promulgated new visa prerequisites for tourists

February 26, 2015
Korea announced new visa prerequisites for Filipinos

Good news for all Filipinos tourist planning to tour to South Korea. Korean Republic embassy in Philippines has announced new visa requirements for Filipinos. The concerned officials of the country noted that this new prerequisites will come into force from 1 March of 2015 and ever overseas national planning to visit South Korea must meet the new visa rules and regulations of the country to make their tour successful and enjoyable. 

Individuals wishing to travel after 1 March 2015 are requested to submit further information on their income tax returns, bank certificates as well as the employment certificate. Apart from this an overseas national is also asked to provide their Bank or depositary statements. 

Every information including individuals’ positions in the company, hired date, compensation that he or she receives from the organization, office address along with the e-mail id must be included in the employment certificate of an applicant.

On the other hand current balance, type of account he or she is holding, opening date of the account and the balance that he or she is maintaining from past six months i.e. ADB should be included in the applicants Bank certificates. 

Along with this certificated and original Statements/passbook must be possessed by an overseas national, said the concerned representatives of the country. 

Income tax return hardcopy are the statement which he or she is holding must contain the personal number of individual. The embassy further stated that all the requisite documents must be submitted within the three months duration from the day he or she has put a request. Tourism organization of South Korea revealed that it has welcomed nearly 434,951 Filipinos in 2014.

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