New Zealand has set latest yearly migration record last month

April 21, 2016
New Zealand has set a latest yearly record of migration last month as many people had moved across from many countries.

New Zealand has set latest yearly migration record last month

According to Statistics New Zealand, around 67,600 people had migrated in New Zealand last year. The arrivals of migrants has increased by 9% to 1,24,000 while the departures were 56,400. Large number of migration to New Zealand was from their neighboring country Australia.

Migration has assisted New Zealand in its economic development with the economy expanding ata  yearly pace of 2.3% in the fourth quarter previous year, enhancing  the demand for services, retail, vehicles and housing. Migration has sustained at a sturdy pace keeping the income inflation low even as there is increase in demand.

Those individuals who had migrated to New Zealand on work visas has increased to 12% to around 38,620 till last month, while individuals who had migrated to this country on its student visas has increased to 8.7% to 27,704 and arrival of citizen from Australia and New Zealand has increased 5.9% to 36, 355.  

India stood as the main source as large number of students from India has arrived in New Zealand, which was followed by the Chinese students with an increase of 20% to around 5719 and students arrivals from Philippines which raised to 70% to reach at 2239.

Individuals arriving on work visas were from the countries like France, UK, Australia and Germany. The largest inflow was to city of Auckland as the arrivals has increased to 10% and arrivals to Canterbury increased to 5.4% and to Wellington it had raised to 13%.

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