New Zealand Job Market Boom

October 25, 2013

New Zealand, specifically Auckland’s unemployment is at its lowest level since 2011 after activity has increased in construction and other sectors. In the space of just 3 months 10,600 jobs were added employing 20,100 more people than were in employment this time last year. New Zealand’s chief economist, Geoff Cooper, said "Employment growth continued to broaden, job growth in the quarter was concentrated among older males, with the manufacturing and construction sectors both adding significant numbers of jobs in the quarter. The health, property and business services sectors remained key drivers of employment growth as they have been over the past three years," Hiring intentions also rose because 20 per cent of respondents expected rising employment in the quarter to December. Investments intentions also remain moderately upbeat, Cooper said. 

Aucklanders' pay rose from an average $1124 a week real wages in the first quarter to $1135 a week in the second quarter. This is a rise of nearly $40 a month which spread over the year really will count towards a higher standard of living for New Zealand’s employed. Constant improvements are being made to New Zealand’s economy and word is spreading across the globe enticing people to migrant to our every flourishing country. Huge improvements are underway in sectors of the public transport network, including rail electrification, integrated ticketing and the redesign of the bus network to integrate with rail, the original target for completion was 2015 but it is strongly predicted work will be completed a lot sooner. 

Job vacancies in New Zealand are readily available for residents and migrants alike with 16,000 positions currently available and some 200,000 jobs being advertised since January across the country. The main employer seems to be within the construction field, which is a field highly populated by skilled migrant workers, huge jobs are currently underway such as the Waterview connection and the hope is that these positions will fill quickly. Janet Fielding, the general manager for the biggest online job site said she predicts a huge rise in job numbers saying ‘’As the economy continues to strengthen, we expect to see these positive signs of growth reflected in more and more industries," she goes on to say "There were 300 opportunities listed under design and architecture on in September and over 50 per cent were located in Auckland, mirroring the city's property-related construction boom," she said.

Government and defence posted the second largest increase with a 49 per cent growth in roles since September last year while self-employment opportunities increased by 35 per cent and trades and services were up 32 per cent. People are needed to fill sales and services, telesales, area manager, driver, machine operator, concrete worker, supervisor and planning roles, as well as many other positions. Job opportunities in New Zealand have rarely been this time, anybody looking to relocate this really is the time!

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