New Zealand Steps in to aid latest world crisis

November 15, 2013

A New Zealand Air Force plane landed today in the Philippines taking victims of the devastating storms and floods, bought by Typhoon Haiyan, over five and a half tonnes of help in the form of medical supplies and shelters. The aircraft touched down with vital supplies and 24 members of the New Zealand Defence Force who are there to help the devastated community with much needed supplies, among the supplies taken are 1500 collapsible water bottles, chainsaw packs, generators and 800 tarpaulins to provide vital shelter for those left without homes due to the terrible Typhoon Haiyan. Squadron Leader, Steve Thorley spoke of their actions "Our priority is to support the efforts by the Philippines Government and international community to provide aid and shelter to those who have been hit hardest by the typhoon". Before members of the New Zealand Defence flew to the Philippines our Government had pledged $2.15 million for disaster relief efforts after the shock news was delivered to the world by the authorities in the Philippines that the death toll from the disaster was now above 2360, this made countries around the world step up and none before New Zealand. Members of the New Zealand Defence Team will stay in the Philippines for upto a week to help as much as they can. Once the aid have been distributed our countries finest don’t plan to stop there. Extreme chaos is going on in the Philippines with criminals escaping jails and causing terror on the already terrified and desperate victims of the country and our men endeavour to help all the men, women and children who have fallen destitute as much as they can. Famed for our kind and caring nation New Zealanders have the inbuilt humane traits needed to help to form some kind of control, whether our men are erecting home, helping women during labour to bring new life into the catastrophic country or holding someones hand as they near the end due to the typhoon we have the knowledge of our countries people and our defence team to know that the work they will be doing will be essential but in the most non invasive and empathetic way. New Zealand, being an island, has had it’s fair share of harsh and severe weather but being a country so modernised profitable we have the resources immediately at hand to prevent damages occurring, the Philippines are not so lucky and the men making up our defence team who have gone to give aid will have an inside knowledge to know how to best help. 

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