New Zealands Goods & Bads

December 11, 2013

New Zealands Goods & Bads

Like any country New Zealand is not perfect, it has its fair share of flaws and certain negative points maybe much worse than others, if choosing to migrate to New Zealand it is always a good idea to find out both the good and bad points and make a fully informed decision. What some may class as a bad point may have just been an unfortunate bad experience or you may find it not that bad of a point, same can be said of the possibles. You need to research for you, you the individual who is  planning the move of your life.

New Zealand is still a relatively young country and so has no backlog of depression clouding it's government and country, it is still growing and developing in every aspect and this is why it is a popular choice for many who wish it migrate, New Zealand has the opportunity to work for you.

The houses are in new Zealand are fairly bad on the insulation side and wiring, this will of course improve over the years with the amount of skilled workers entering New Zealand each year, although housing can be seen as a bad point, it is also a fixable point. People do also say that the driving experience in New Zealand is unsafe, again a problem that will improve.

The tax system is another that many people have a bad experience with, many say that the whole system favours the rich and penalises the not so rich. So basically the rich of New Zealand will get richer and the rest will have to work harder. The cost of living in New Zealand is high, food produced in the country in more expensive in New Zealand than it is in other parts of the world, people who live there do not appreciate this, but is it the way it is.

The climate of New Zealand is exceptional and one of the the main reasons that people who want to move there. There is a vast space on New Zealand, such a young country is not completely over run so people are not living on top of each other, there is room to breath,live and enjoy the life they have in New Zealand. The beaches are very appealing to international visitors, kiwis are very proud and protective of the amazing country they come from and are also very welcoming to new migrants who are setting up home in the fabulous country.

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