New Zealands Weka Service applauded!

October 07, 2013

New Zealands Weka Service applauded!

New Zealand's rehabilitation services (Weka) are second to none, with literally hundreds of different categories under its belt and all run through nonprofit programmes there is an organization to be extremely proud of. Rehabilitation is often thought of in regards to people who have fallen on hard times and hit rock bottom resulting in crime or addiction but this is not always the case, things such as a mishandled birth, a road traffic accident, illnesses of inevitable effects of ageing can have a huge impact on anybody at any time in their lives resulting in a form of a disability and 'Weka' will be with you every step of your journey to adapting to your new circumstances.

If you are new to a disability Weka will be by your side to discuss every option available to you and to guide you through every stage. Weka will have a qualified person with you through the main stages of education, employment, funding assistance, your rights, and public, private and rental transport services for people with disabilities.

Support service centers can be found in over 20 locations throughout New Zealand so you're never going to be too far from that face to face advice and help. The main factor for people who incur an injury resulting in disability is financial, the loss of your job and possibly your home. Weka understands your position and is there to be as hands on with our expertise as you desire. The first thing to discover is what you are entitled to, i.e. housing, transport, medical help and then weka will be there to advise you on where to receive things such as mobility equipment or house adaptations at no cost to yourself. It is a very daunting process at first and it can be life changing, but New Zealand's health system is the envy of the world so you can rest assured you will be well looked after by professional and caring people.

Under each organization are various agencies dedicated to every aspect of disability from Home Health which is a nationwide provider of urban and rural home care services which include home help, personal care, home nursing and meal preparation to numerous accessible taxi services all of whom boast experienced professionals in transportation for people with disabilities and the elderly - disability transport services aim to provide safe, secure, and reliable transportation services with vehicles that have been compliant checked with security features and amenities to ensure your safety and comfort while en route. There's also an abundance of agencies there specializing in mental disabilities with family support workers assigned to each case, whether it's a child suffering from a behavioural disorder or an adult with a brain injury there will be an experienced professional to talk you through your options and get you the best possible help available.

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