Now is the time for tradespeople to migrate....

November 22, 2013

tradespeople to migrate....

‘Huge Wave of Building Work on Way’!

Australia is currently looking for tradesmen from around the globe, particularly the UK and Europe due to an increase in work and shortage of native skilled workers and now New Zealand is set to follow suit due to a huge influx of building work which is set to be on the way. Tradesmen will be required such as builders, electricians and plumbers and it is likely that skills from overseas will be needed to enhance the industry already in New Zealand and that according to the latest Construction Sector Report the industry is highly concerned about whether they do have enough tradespeople to meet the demands of Christchurch, housing demand in Auckland and leaky building repairs.

There’s many schemes which are making houses more affordable in Auckland and thus more land will need to be freed up after a new Government report showed an unprecedented construction boom that builders say will stretch the building industry to its limits. The advice is that for overseas tradesmen wishing to migrate that now is the time! Skilled Visa’s are easy to obtain and at times when they are very much needed the process will be extremely speedy and uncomplicated.

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson said the "huge wave" of work was expected to peak in 2016 and it was important that the building was done by trained professionals and to a high standard. Many of New Zealands construction firms have a small amount of staff with the majority having low skill levels.

Master Builders Federation chief Warwick Quinn said "I am not optimistic we would be able to grow our sector fast enough - we'd have to import labour."

Now is the perfect time to migrate to New Zealand for those with hesitation, the house prices have never been so cheap with all the new schemes and projects, the standard of living has never been cheaper and the work has never been more plentiful. There are many temporary visas you can obtain to test the waters, so to speak, with no contracts to stay longer than you wish though many temporary visas do lead to permanent residency if you so wish.

If the initial price of visa’s is issuing you with doubt then there are many prospective employers who can cover these costs and during this time of need people may be biting your hand off to import you! Wages are also increasing all over New Zealand for professionals and this includes tradespeople.
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