NZ is a dream home for migrants - Fact

February 01, 2014
NZ is a dream home for migrants - Fact

A recent global survey which compared answers from 520,000 interviews over 154 countries discovered that New Zealand is a dream migration destination! If everyone in the world could select where there wished to live our population would rise by a staggering 134%. The survey, compiled by Gallup’s Potential Net Migration Index discovered that those wanting to relocate to New Zealand are at a really positive and high level.

If everyone who wanted to live in New Zealand were able to then the population would rise from 4,242,048 to an astronomic 9,926,393 residents.

In this survey an overall score was given, Australia received a total of 148 points while New Zealand took the lead with 184 points.

Of course, the structure of New Zealand would make it impossible to support a population of nearly 10 million residents and this would take away much of what makes the country so great. Often called a ‘heaven on earth’, New Zealand is famous for its beautiful scenery and exotic wildlife. It was one of the last countries on earth to be populated by man who means it had longer to grow naturally, and acquire more wildlife which are unique only to this country.

New Zealand regularly tops global polls for many things such as Education, Life Style, Health Care and Job Opportunities and it is fast becoming the most popular choice for migrants all over the world.

Once most popular for being a holiday location things have come on leaps and bounds for this up and coming country. People are migrating here in their droves to begin a whole new life, and what is there not to like? The people are notoriously laid back, friendly and welcoming, the jobs in abundance, housing cheap and decent and an Education which is claimed to be the leader of the world. New Zealand really does have it all.

Beating Australia in the most recent poll is a huge boost to the country who has always been in its sister countries shadow, until recently. Progress, determination and fine results in all fields is what is well and truly putting New Zealand on the map for the people of the rest of the world today.

New Zealand are currently looking for skilled people to migrate here to assist with the rebuild of Christchurch, labourers, managers, foremen and all construction workers are in desperate need and visas are speedy and smooth to get. Is now the time to take the plunge? 
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