Obama and the Congress support overseas workers over US citizens

January 06, 2016
US President Obama, through his executive action, would provide extension and hike to the H-1B overseas worker program. It would issue work permits to the overseas workers who are in the US on a temporary job visa and provide them green cards. It would also extend the length of work permits for the overseas STEM students.

The US graduates two times as many students with the degrees in STEM streams are recruited in the STEM jobs. Two-thirds of the entry-level recruits in the technology industry are going to the overseas workers. Around 92 million US citizens have plunged out of the workforce because of the lack of jobs. Around 2.8 million college graduates would enter the workforce this year, yet representing around 40% of the unemployed.

Obama and the Congress support overseas workers over US citizens

There were many instances that have been witnessed of how this program is being used to undercut the US workers. Two Indian IT firms in India were the biggest recipients of the H1-B visa, getting over 12,400 latest visas in the year 2013. 

According to Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, the higher education system of the US do not produce many top engineers and scientists for meeting the requirements of the economy of the US. He also suggested that the US should permit co operations to recruit an infinite number of H-1B employees.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are urging the government for unlimited H-1B visas. Statistics also revealed that hundreds of thousands of STEM stream workers in the US are jobless or underemployed.
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