Obama considers new plans to promote travel to US

May 24, 2014
Obama considers new plans to promote travel to US

The US President Obama has discussed some initiatives, which are part of the efforts to advance goals set out in the 2012 National Travel and Tourism Strategy to promote travel to US.

With an intention to reduce the visa waiting times for the international travelers, initially at 15 largest airports of the US, , plans to sign a presidential memorandum are under consideration. Usage of technology will be expanded to optimize the entry process, which includes execution of more automated passport control booths and organizing marketing strategies in 10 global markets.

The US President, Obama, said that last year itself a profit of $1.5 trillion was  contributed to the economy through travel and tourism.

The National Travel and Tourism Strategy was established in the year 2012 with a goal of welcoming 100 million worldwide visitors to the U.S. per annum by the end-of-2021.

In the year 2013, 9.2 million visas were issued by the State Department, which is 42% more when compare to 2010. According to some statistical reports the waiting period for travel visas have reduced from several months to an average of five days in Brazil and china.
Plans such as particular developments at airports; extending Visa Waiver Program to the countries such as Brazil and Poland; overland and aviation infrastructure requirements are all under consideration.

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