Obama says he is the 'Champion-in-Chief' of comprehensive immigration

March 08, 2014
Obama says he is the 'Champion-in-Chief' of comprehensive immigration
President Obama sought to justify himself in front of immigration advocates, who called him the ‘deporter-in-chief’, by restating that he will stand up for immigration reform.

During his speech at a Hispanic town hall meeting, on 06th Mar, 2014, Thursday, Obama said that the actual solution to the situation of deportation lies in reexamining the immigration laws of U.S.

He also told the audience that he is the ‘champion-in-chief’ of comprehensive immigration.

He said, so far, while the bill passed by the Senate sits dormant in the house, the law requires deporting the illegal immigrants who are presently staying in U.S. He also said that until certain new laws are passed by the congress, he is constrained from doing anything much in this regard.

The high number of deportations under Obama’s government has angered a number of Latin Americans who are finding fault with Obama. Most of them had lent their support to him, at the time of the last presidential election.

Janet Murguia, the president of the National Council of La Raza, has named Obama as "deporter-in-chief”.
One of the moderators of the town hall told the president that his reputation has been spoiled among the community of Latin Americans because of the high number of deportations. Having said this, he questioned the president, as to how he can expect the community of Latin Americans to trust him.

Obama has sought to project himself as a supporter and even as a champion  of the community of the Latin Americans by referring to his record as regards immigration, housing and healthcare. He is hopeful that the community would understand that he is there to protect and fight for their cause.

At this stage, Obama is not in a position to intervene in the matter pertaining to comprehensive immigration reform. The Republican party commonly called as ‘GOP’ (Grand Old party),
has newly provided a set of principles for immigration reform. However, that bill has not yet come to vote due to the reason that John Boehner, House Speaker, said he is not certain that President Obama will implement the new immigration laws.

The Chamber of Commerce and immigrant advocate groups, as also President Obama, are urging the house to move ahead on reform.

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