OECG puts efforts to make easier immigration rules for skilled professionals in UK

February 25, 2015
UK urged by OECD to relax immigration regulations for highly skilled workers

The OECD has called on the government of UK to make the immigration controls less stringent as far as the highly skilled workers are concerned. The present rules hamper these workers and restricts the growth of the country’s economy. According to a report by the OECD, allocation of visas sponsored by the company that have been introduced are damaging efforts to create a growth in the economy, now that UK has come back to progress and there is a lessening of unemployment.

Since a very long time, businesses have criticized about the government limiting visas to 20,700 every year for workers in skilled professions from non-EU nations, which was a hurdle to growth. This limit was brought in by the home secretary, Theresa May in an attempt to attain the Conservative party’s goal to lower the net immigration count. However, the OECD was of the view that even if the numbers surged, it did not matter much. If the count of workers from non-EU countries rose, it made the administrative and legal process practically difficult.

According to director-general of CBI, John Cridland, firms found that the migration target overall was not allowing them to bring in highly skilled individuals. He said that the limits should be removed. Instead, these companies should join hands with the government in order to supply enhanced vocational education as well as in-work training. This will help to increase the standard of living by raising productivity. It has been noted by the small firms that they have been fruitless in employing experts from Asia or US. This is because of time constraints involving their projects.

According to a report, migrant laborers were profitable for companies because of their ability to train their co-workers. They not only enhance business growth in UK but also introduce innovations and ideas but bring in networks from abroad as well as cultural wisdom. For achieving all this, the government should ease the caps which were brought into force between the years 2008-10.

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