Oman introduces online visa for tourists

December 28, 2015
The Royal Police of Oman (ROP) has introduced a facility of online visa for the tourists who could apply for the visas without sponsors. The steps that are required to be followed are very simple and explained in the recently introduced section on the website of the police.

Oman introduces online visa for tourists

The online facility could be availed by the travelers who are coming from the nations that are listed in the Group 1 and to few expatriates who are GCC residents. The GCC resident on the list of approved professions could receive the visa through the online application. This facility would not be available to the citizens from nations like China, Australia, India and Iran, as they would receive their visa through the sponsor in Oman.

As per a travel operator, these nations had a large middle class population who seek to travel at least once in a year. There might be motive to prohibit those individuals. But we require to make the application for a visa easy for the qualified travelers who are removed from the online facility.

Under the present system, the certified travel agents in Oman could arrange a tourist visa in three to four working days, provided entire documents are put forward and approved. These agencies rely on the hotel bookings or the amount of guarantee that depends on the level of trust with the clients. 

As per the PRO of the private company, obtaining the visa for friends and relatives though the firm is not much difficult as these firms had their own internal terms on the sponsorship of visas.

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