Over half of million dollar firms are founded by immigrants

May 09, 2016
According to a group, around half of startup companies that are or over worth $1 billion in the US were founded by the immigrants.  And the country’s decree should make it easy for these entrepreneurs to visit the US. 

Over half of million dollar firms are founded by immigrants

In a survey, it was revealed that immigrant entrepreneurs has started around 44 startups that are worth $ 1 billion, that comes to around 51% of the firms that has been surveyed.

Immigrants also hold product development and management positions in around 71% of the startups worth over $1 billion.

The limit on holders of H-1B visa has hindered potential entrepreneurs from creating employments, and steps like S.2394 by Senator Ted Cruz last year will make potential immigrants do job overseas for the period of ten years after graduation to apply.

The report also ask for starting a startup visa for enabling overseas citizens who start firms and create employment will be a key addition to the immigration system of the US.

Not only half of the startups has immigrant founders but many of the firms has immigrants in major positions that drives the innovation and create employment for the US.

The USCIS grants 65,000 H-1B visas every year. The outcome is showing that the immigrants makes many key contributions to the economy of the US and creation of jobs and will make even further with intelligent changes to the lawful immigration system.

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