Private colleges win from the changes to the student visa

June 17, 2015
Private colleges will be benefited from changes of student visa process

The private colleges now find it easier from Australia’s international business student. Federal government has announced the changes to the student visa for their benefits. It is also said that they would reduce the number of types of student visa from eight to two and they will provide to replace the limited number of other education visa assessment system.

The new system will be commenced in mid-2016, basically under this system they welcome to private colleges by processing easy visa only to students at the universities. The government has extended the right to few of the private colleges but in same way they required to function in highly risk visa assessment system which would be found difficult to understand by the students. 

Under the new system which is known as simplified student visa framework (SSVF). All the private colleges will be assessed for the students applying for the risk visa under the single framework and that will be completely based on the candidate’s country background and the migration fulfilment record of the other students who have studied at the private colleges.

It is also said that universities warmly welcomed the new system, where they simplifies the visa system that will improves the equity and support of an environment where overly high quality and low risk assessment can flourish.

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