Rise in immigration may lead to EU development

March 20, 2015
Increase in EU immigration promotes Euro zone progress

According to a study report conducted by the Economic and Social Research Institute and University College Dublin, a significant increase in planned immigration will lead to led to the European economy expanding in the future. This report observed that the arrangement of people growing older in the EU will have a gigantic impetus on its potential growth.

Following the slump of 2008, there were speculations regarding the long-term demographic trends in relation to recovery scenarios. These findings were set to calm those who expected an economic progress to in order to settle  euro zone complications in the next 10 years. In the words of Prof Mc Quinn, Europe was badly in want of a plan which would endure for a long-term in order to deal with the ageing population. 

Policy initiatives were underway to postpone the age of retirement and to boost the participation of the labor force which is without doubt, part of the answer to the ageing population. The policy of increased immigration in the European Union which is also politically challenging is the only proven way to promote EU’s economy growing in the future as well. The working age of the population, which ranges from 15 to 64 of the euro zone has been receding since 2010.

The report called for a specified euro zone-funded capital investment program on a joint basis. This was done to meet the large gap in output in order to raise the potential of the supply-side of the economy of Europe.

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