Russia announces key reforms to its migration norms

January 02, 2015
Russia announces new immigration rules

Russia has plans to cancel quotas for citizens of visa-free countries and wants to replace it with patents for individuals and legal representatives to recruit overseas workers. Patents can be attained in not more than 30 days after entering the country and permits overseas nationals to get jobs. 

Patents are issued by federal executive structure. Potential aspirants can also begin undertaking Russian language, history and law exams today. The exams are mandatory for foreign nationals who wish to acquire work patents and residency permits and exception is given to only very skilled specialists.  

Effective 1 January 2015, the norms for entering Russia vary for CIS citizens and they need foreign passports to cross the border. And, the CIS citizens will be able to reside in Russia for a period of 90 days for 180 day-period without permits.     

Additionally, the new law enables overseas workers to get better access to medical aid and their medical insurance will be predetermined in the work contract. Employers need to sign a deal with a medical organization that would provide treatment for employers if required. And, employers will pay 1.8% of their workers' salaries to the Social Insurance Fund. Moreover, workers will be given the privilege to medical leave after six months of work.

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